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Learn Spanish in Quito with expert Spanish teachers!

When we opened our doors for the first time, back in 1989, only a few travellers had basic information about Ecuador as a country. 99% of visitors already knew the famous Islands so that, we decided to take The Galapagos Spanish School as our name to make this well known denomination the link to connect everyone to the best Spanish school in Quito - Ecuador.

The Galapagos school is the pioneer Spanish school in Quito offering Spanish immersion courses that combine Spanish classes, extra academic activities and homestay with local families, all within the context of Ecuadorean & Latin American culture in Quito, capital of Ecuador.

Galapagos School has many achievements to be prouf of over  over the past thirty five years in work to strengthen teaching techniques and strategies for our learners to be able to communicate successfully in a functional way.

Quito is the number one destination for Spanish classes in Quito-Ecuador. Galapagos Spanish School is "Doing the best Spanish courses and connecting cultures in Ecuador since 1989". We are not only one more Spanish School in Quito, we are the leading Spanish School where you will learn in a relaxed atmosphere with talented, professional native Spanish speakers.

Headquartered in Quito Ecuador, The Galapagos School  was founded with the aim of linking people from all over the world to a new culture. Serving thousands of students since 1989,

Besides best Spanish courses in Quito, now also you can take Online lessons anywhere, any time, with the same passionate experienced teachers.


The mission of our languages School is to create the ideal conditions for students to obtain command of Spanish language, opportunities which will provide cultural experiences and travel possibilities, achievements enjoyable for a life time. Our goal is to help you to learn and use Spanish in a functional way so that students can manage by themselves quickly.We also will create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe lerning envioinment and transmition of ecuadorian culture.

Galapagos Spanish  School in Quito is fully accredited by Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the External Relations and Foreign Affairs, and meets its rigorous standards, reports progress on an annual basis and participates in an ongoing school improvement process. Also belong to the AECE ( Ecuadorian Spanish Schools Association, since June 5th,1997.

In addition, we offer several tours for you to enjoy Ecuador. Gladly we will organize the best trips for you with our without Spanish courses.


Why Galapagos School?

  1. Talented, professional, passionate ecuadorian teachers
  2. Tailor made programming: one on one and mini groups
  3. Study and travel programs / Scholar trips
  4. Online Spanish lessons and Immersion courses
  5. Students Visa advise
  6. Living with a lovely ecuadorian family
  7. Furnished temporary apartments
  8. Cultural activities
  9. Personalized attention
  10. Great location

Our accommodations, activities, tours, Spanish lessons and ongoing support are always taken care of by the dedicated and friendly staff at Galapagos Spanish School.

Teaching Spanish for us is more than a job, It is really our passion! 35 years doing the best Spanish courses with expert Spanish teachers in Quito.

Join us today, Let´s make memories and bonds together.


Accredited by the Ministry of Education since 1991. License # 0066 DINEPP & Ministry of the External Relations and Foreign Affairs for visa purposes.













Principal : Mónica Barreno M. A.

Further information or reservations, please contact us at:

WhatsApp: 00593997778818

Office: 0059322507315

N22-37 Juan León Mera St. and Carrión,Second floor. La Mariscal District in Quito-Ecuador

"Opening the doors of Spanish to the world since 1989".



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